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2023-2024 SRA Uniform Policy 

Families may choose to order any of the approved items from our Lands End school page at Find Your School Dress Code and Logo Guidelines, or they may choose to independently purchase items that meet the following requirements:
TOPS AND OUTERWEAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Solid white, navy blue, or orange (Lands End only)  polo style shirt (short or long sleeve) or solid white, navy, or orange t-shirt (short or long sleeve).  Solid white button-down dress shirt (short or long sleeve). All shirts must have a circle SRA school logo on the left side of the chest or the bar logo in the center of the shirt.  Screen-printed navy, white, or orange t-shirts purchased through Lands End or Breeze Tees will meet the uniform guidelines. White shirts must have a navy blue logo (or navy and orange logo if purchased through Lands End or Breezy Tees or iron-on patch purchased from SRA).  Navy blue shirts must have a solid orange logo.  Navy blue cardigan sweaters, navy blue crew neck sweaters, navy blue sweater vests, and navy blue hooded sweatshirts are allowed but must be neat in appearance (not overly big/baggy) and have the circle orange school logo embroidered on the left chest.  Any outerwear that students will keep on during the school day must follow the above rules. SRA t-shirts that do not follow the above guidelines will be allowed on certain designated spirit days, which will be announced.


Solid khaki, solid navy blue, or Lands End SRA plaid pants, skirts, or shorts - chino style pants/shorts only, no cargo style, and no knit. Blue jeans are allowed but must be free of holes or defects.  Jumpers and dresses must be solid navy blue (with orange logo), khaki (with navy logo), or Lands End SRA plaid (with white logo). Students may wear solid navy blue leggings under dresses or skirts. All skirt/shorts length should go by the fingertip length rule, which is any skirt or pair of shorts that are shorter than the fingertips when arms are by the student’s side are considered unacceptable.


As students participate in physical education and outdoor time daily, tennis shoes are preferred for daily wear and are required for PE classes.

Headbands/barrettes/bows etc., must be solid navy blue, solid white, or SRA plaid from Lands End only.  No hats.  Ties must be SRA plaid only.


For performances and school pictures, all students will be required to wear WHITE or NAVY collared shirts with the SRA circle logo and navy, khaki, or SRA plaid pants/shorts/skirts/jumpers/dresses. Ties and blazers are optional. Blazers must be navy with SRA logo, and ties must be SRA plaid only.

Lands' End    Breeze Tees