Welcome to
Savannah River Academy

Our Core Values

At Savannah River Academy we believe:

Each child is a unique learner

Learning should be customized to the child’s learning style and level, and the child’s voice and needs must be at the center of decisions about learning. We recognize and meet the needs of individual learners.

Children learn best by doing

We embrace a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to learning.


Learning should be joyful

Through laughter, play, and hard work, we create an environment where children have fun while they are learning. We do not require homework until 5th grade because we believe kids need time and space to be kids.


Thinking is more important than memorizing

Project-based learning experiences and problem-solving activities inspire children’s curiosity and build their critical thinking skills in a way that memorizing material cannot. As a result, our students will grow into powerful problem finders and innovative solution builders in the classroom and in their broader communities.


Not all learning is classroom-based

Children need experiences outside of the classroom to broaden their horizons, increase their understanding of the world around them, and provide a framework for meaningful learning.


Students benefit from opportunities to both succeed and fail

We value risk-taking and learning from mistakes.


Parents are children’s first and best teachers

The home-school partnership is critical to each child’s development. We value the experience and opinions of our parents.


Character matters

Education involves not only a respect for learning, but also a sense of moral and ethical responsibility.  Our mission is to foster integrity, kindness, compassion, and honor in our students.

What and how we teach should represent best practice teaching

Our teachers use teaching methods and curriculum that are evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, and supported by data.