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Middle School

A time to Explore and Prepare

SRA’s Middle School offers a challenging, safe, and supportive place to learn and grow. We meet our learners where they are, both academically and social-emotionally, to help them develop their true potential. Our small class sizes ensure greater differentiation and personalized learning where students can advance at their own pace. Our advanced curriculum, which includes daily Spanish instruction, inspires students to expand their academic skills and independence. Collaborative projects reinforce the importance of cooperation and collective achievement, while interdisciplinary learning helps students make meaningful connections between coursework and real life, and fosters understanding and concern for others. Field trips, community service, guest speakers, projects, and other events expose our students to the outside world, and we consider them essential parts of learning. Students leave the Middle School fully prepared as ambitious, creative, self-motivated learners. 


The Nest
(2 years - Kindergarten)


A place where learning is joyful and creativity celebrated!

SRA’s Nest program builds upon a child’s natural curiosity to discover and understand their world through the implementation of developmentally appropriate practice in a creative and supportive learning environment. We use a whole child approach by encouraging all aspects of children’s development and use a hands-on, minds-on philosophy in which children are actively engaged in purposeful activities to lay a solid foundation for future learning. Using a research-based curriculum and a project and inquiry-based teaching and learning approach The joy of exploration and discovery can be seen on children’s faces as you walk through our classrooms and outdoor spaces.


Primary Grades 

Building Academic Skills and a Love of Learning

The primary grade years are a time filled with the excitement of learning new skills and building a strong foundation. The way we plan and structure our curriculum in primary grades is why our students love to learn. Our approach and practice are founded on the belief that students learn best when they can work at their own pace and level, they can construct meaning through inquiry, and they are allowed to take risks.


Dyslexia Program 

SRA’s Dyslexia Program provides a curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences. We use the Orton-Gillingham method, offering a systematic, multi-sensory approach to learning both within the classroom and in one-on-one tutoring sessions each day. 

Where Learning is Joyful!

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