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The SRA Difference

What makes SRA unique? In a word: differentiation. SRA does not follow a "one-size-fits-all" approach to education where one teacher teaches a large group of students at the same level. At SRA, our small, skill-based groupings allow us to differentiate instruction individually. When a student is ready to move ahead, they move ahead. Students who learn at their level and pace do not become bored or frustrated. They move more efficiently and often faster through the material, gaining a deeper, more meaningful understanding. Teachers guide, mentor, challenge, and assess while giving their students the freedom to inquire, explore, and develop a deeper love of learning.

We do not associate academic rigor with test-taking, hours of homework, and rote memorization of facts. Rigor at SRA is much more expansive as we provide our students with opportunities to explore complex concepts and issues, challenge assumptions, think critically, creatively problem-solve, and acquire skills they will need to apply throughout their educational and future professional journeys.