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SRA Uniform Policy

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Savannah River Academy instituted a mandatory uniform policy for kindergarten and up.  Uniforms for PS/PK are optional. The goals of SRA’s dress code are for students to present themselves in a clean and neat manner, to see themselves as a team of learners, and to focus on our learning instead of our attire.  While we recognize the uniqueness of each student and seek to develop individuality, it is also important for each student to understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations.  All clothing should be free of holes and other defects.
Families may choose to order any of the approved items from our Lands End school page at
Your School Dress Code and Logo Guidelines or they may choose to independently purchase items that meet the following requirements:
Solid orange, white, navy, or gray polo style shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, vest, or sweater with SRA school logo.  (This includes any SRA t-shirts purchased through the school). Any outerwear that students will wear during the school day must follow the above rule.
Solid navy, khaki, orange, blue denim, or gray.  No patterns, with the exception of SRA plaid items from Lands End.
Jumpers and dresses must have the SRA logo. Leggings are allowed for PS-4th grades only. Middle School students may only wear leggings under shorts or skirts. All skirt, shorts, and jumper lengths should go by the fingertip length-rule which is any skirt or pair of shorts that’s shorter than the fingertips when arms are by the student’s side are considered unacceptable.

No flip flops.  Tennis shoes must be worn for PE.  
The embroidery file for the SRA logo will be emailed to all families and is also available for embroidery by Sew It Stick It VIP group on Facebook or at Stitches Unlimited on Davis Road in Augusta.
For performances, all students will be required to wear collared shirts with the SRA logo and navy or SRA plaid pants/skirts/jumpers/dresses. Ties and blazers are optional. Ties must be SRA plaid.

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