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Middle School @ SRA


We believe that the Middle School years are a time for students to enjoy and employ their natural enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for learning in the classroom and beyond. Our teachers work tirelessly to create learning experiences that match students’ energy, and their efforts result in a rigorous and creative curriculum that students embrace and genuinely enjoy. By encouraging, inspiring, and empowering the young adults in our school, we create an atmosphere where students thrive.

*Middle School Highlights*

IB (International Baccalaureate) MYP Candidate

Overnight trips in all grades

A strong advisory program

Daily Spanish instruction

Weekly mentoring of younger students

Student-led service projects

Cross-curricular projects

Many opportunities for leadership


Critical reading, creative thinking and effective writing are the goals of our Middle School English program. At all levels, students dive into age-appropriate literature that strengthens units in history and art. Discussing themes and conflicts in literature enhances thinking skills, while contributing to students’ sense of self and fostering empathy. This greater awareness is the basis for weekly writing assignments designed to improve communication skills. Of course, study of vocabulary and grammar is integrated into the curriculum every step of the way.



Our Middle School math teachers use an explanation/examples/exploration approach to equip students in the fundamentals while inspiring them to seek innovative solutions. From fractions, decimals and percents, to the four basic operations of algebraic functions, students master concepts that prepare them to enter Upper School math courses.


SRA’s Middle School curriculum embraces the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. We continue to differentiate learning so students can advance at their own pace. High school credit classes are offered for those students who are ready for an additional challenge. Technology is facilitated by a 1-to-1 Chromebook program, coding classes, and a focus on digital citizenship.


With a cross-curricular approach, courses not only focus on learning the facts of history but integrating practices of historical thinking, the study of primary sources, analysis of current events, research, essay writing and reading comprehension.


In keeping with Middle School students’ natural yearning for discovery, our science curriculum spans diverse topics. Each year students will dive into a mix of physical, life, and earth sciences. Our hands-on approach engages students’ curiosity while also emphasizing lab and study skills.

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