Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start and how early can I drop off my child?

School starts promptly at 8:30 am so please make every effort to have your child at school on time. You may drop off your child starting at 8:00 am.

What time does school end and how late can I pick up my child?

SPARC and Focus Friday classes end at 3:25 pm.  Pick up is at 3:30 pm.  After school care (SOAR) is available until 6pm. Students not picked up by 3:45 pm will be sent to SOAR at the daily drop-in rate.  Academic core classes end at 12:30pm, with lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm.  Pick up time for students enrolled in Core only is 1:00 pm.

How do I drop off, and pick up, my child?

Pull onto campus and stay to the right to drive up to the portico at the main entrance.  Students should remain inside their cars until a teacher is there to greet them.  Pick up happens exactly the same way, except we will bring your child to your car. Please display your orange car tag (provided to you before school starts) on your dashboard/windshield. If you would prefer to walk your child into (or from) the building, you may do so, but please make sure your car is not blocking car line.

Do I need to send a lunch and/or snack?

Yes! We do not have a lunch service, so you will need to send a nutritious lunch and snack with your child every day. We also do not have a convenient way to refrigerate or warm up lunch, so please pack foods that are fine at room temperature. Lunchtime is between 12:00 and 1:00 pm each day, the start time varies by age group. Snacks will vary by class schedule but occur roughly between 9:30 and 10:30 am.

What are the grade levels at SRA?

For the 2020-2021 school year, SRA offers outstanding programs for 3 year olds through 8th grade.  Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, we will add a 2-year-old program as well as 9th grade, with plans to add a grade level every year.

What should my child wear to school? Will there be uniforms?

SRA has a mandatory uniform policy. Please find details of this policy here.

Is Savannah River Academy accredited?

Yes! We are fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Do I need to purchase school supplies?

We have a school supply list. Families can opt to purchase these supplies on their own or pay a one time “at cost” fee. The cost will not be marked up; this is not a money-making (or fund-raising) endeavor. We only offer this as a time and cost-saving option, while being sure the teachers are getting exactly what they want for their classrooms. However, you are welcome to purchase your own supplies if that is better for your family.

Will I need to file an intent to homeschool?

If your child is in Kindergarten, the short answer is “no.”

For other grades, you will only need to file if your child is not participating in the entire program (i.e., Monday through Friday 8:30-3:30). The link to do so is:

If you are a resident of South Carolina not enrolled in the full day/week program, you will need to register with the state.