Enrollment Options for 2019-2020

Savannah River Academy offers four enrollment options:

Option A  

  • Includes core academic classes (i.e., Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)

  • The schedule is Monday through Thursday, from 8:30am -1:00pm, with Lunch being from 12:30pm-1:00pm

Option B  

  • Includes core academic classes and Special Programs After Regular Classes (SPARC)

  • The schedule is Monday through Thursday 8:30-3:30

  • SPARC classes will include classes such as Foreign Language, Physical Education, Art and Music. (Due to the unique offerings for SPARC sessions, parents will need to commit for the entire academic year for this program).  

Option C

  • Includes core academic classes, SPARC, and Focus Fridays

  • The schedule is Monday through Friday 8:30-3:30

  • Focus Fridays are reserved for enrichment education. Most Fridays will include one of the following day-long activities:  STEAM projects, field trips, or community/service projects.

Option D

This is available to students who meet the requirement for dyslexia services.  This option is an add-on to options A, B, or C above and involves comprehensive dyslexia tutoring during the core academic hours. If you are interested in our Dyslexia Program, please email us at Dyslexia@SavannahRiverAcademy.org.  Only a select number of students will be able to enroll in this additional program.  

Tuition amounts for all enrollment options can be found here.