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Our application process includes a parent application, teacher recommendation, assessment, required documents, and an application fee.

Questions about the application or application process should be addressed to:

General questions about the school should be addressed to:

Please review our enrollment options:


**All applicants must pay the application fee prior to completing the application forms.  Please choose the appropriate button below to pay your application fee:


Our application is a Google Form and can be completed online by clicking the "Application Forms" button below.  The teacher recommendation and release of information forms are in PDF format. Please click on the "Application Forms" button below and print or forward these forms to your child's teacher / school. Completed forms can be mailed to our physical address or the document can be emailed to us. Our physical and email addresses are listed on the application.



Once we have received the application fee and completed application, you will be contacted to schedule an admissions assessment for your child. We require each applicant to spend a weekday morning with us. Assessments will occur during this visit. The application fee covers the general assessment.

Assessment for dyslexia services may require additional testing at a cost of $125. We may also require additional documentation. If you have questions about these services and/or the need for additional testing for dyslexia, please contact us at

​Required Documentation

A complete application needs to include the following documents:

  • Birth certificate

  • Georgia Immunization Form (GA 3231)

  • Report card(s) / Transcript(s)

  • Standardized test(s)

Application Checklist

___Completed application form

___Completed teacher recommendation form

___Application fee ($75)


___Required documents

___Birth certificate

___Georgia Immunization Form (GA 3231)

___Report card(s)/Transcript(s)

___Standardized test(s)

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